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The Burrow Blocker...

The latest organic means to erradicating pesty rodents and ground squirrels.

Burrow Blocker


Manufactured by Amerigreen Thechnology, Inc., out of Discovery Bay, CA, is a one-step system that fills the holes and safely controls ground squirrel populations.  With the modern demands for organic farming throughout the United States, farmers now have a choice for a greener squirrel abatement process.


Squirrel Busters owns and operates an Amerigreen Burrow Blocker.  Mounted on a trailer, our specialists are able to provide an on-the-spot mobile service.  This unique machine clogs and seals the burrows and holes created by squirrels.  Their offspring and holes are eliminated, and holes are permanently sealed.  This prevents reinfestation from neighboring rodents and injury from stepping into a hole.  Click here to learn more about the process!


The illustration below provides an underground advantage into this ingenious method of blocking burrows and holes.  The slurry naturally flows to fill an entire burrow.  No matter how deep and no matter how far they go!


There is no better way to permanently rid of ground squirrels.  It is easy, affordable, and environmentally friendly.



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