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The Process

Did you know?  In the United States wild animals do NOT belong to the property owner.  Any action taken upon wildlife must be in a manner consistent with Federal, State and Local Government regulations.

Identify the Problem

Specialists will go over your property to find the holes to the burrows and dens.  Once identified, a flag is placed at the entrance/exit.


A recommendation will be made to the property owner with a free estimate.  Setting a date and details for preparation will be discussed, outlining the property owners individual needs.

Begin filling with slurry

Once a date is set, Squirrel Busters will bring in the equipment and begin.  The Burrow Blocker system pumps a slurry of sand and water into the ground squirrel tunnels and dens using a hose.  The water is absorbed into the soil, leaving the sand to seal the burrow and capture the rodents underground.

When the hole is full of slurry...

...the hose is removed and its done!  It's that easy.   The slurry mixture will dry into a solid base, permenately sealing the burrows.


Slurry is a mixture of sand and water, demonstrated in the photo at left.



This orchard is now complete.  The gray areas in the photo are filled holes and burrows.  One year later, the hole will still be filled-in with sand that has hardened.  Grass will begin to grow in that area as well.  Depending on the density of the squirrel population, maintenance may be required.


After a year, a specialist will revisit your property to see if any the holes have returned.  


Squirrel Busters encourages land owners to periodically check for activity.  In the unlikelihood other rodents return, call Squirrel Busters immediately to eliminate the problem before getting out of control.




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